Love Words?

For the love of words

This collection of word books explores the English language, embracing history, culture, literature, and myth… through light-hearted humour, with lengthy research, and a long-lasting love for words.

Combined, these books will help you choose which word to use, when and why, where it came from, who originally said it, and what it means.

This collection from Exisle Publishing includes:

Superstitions Cover

In this witty and informative book, Max Cryer explains the origins of many of the things we commonly say and observe, and why they are part of our lives: kissing under the mistletoe, number thirteen, not walking under ladders, saying ‘bless you’ after sneezing. So many aspects of our lives are coloured by superstition — now you can discover why.

And check out these other word books:

Word_Book_Curious_Words_Phrases_225pxECWWord_Book_Every_Dog_Day_225pxIs it TrueWord_Book_Preposterous_Proverbs_225pxWord_Book_Godzone_Dictionary_225pxWord_Book_Lingo_Dictionary_225pxWord_Book_Right_Word_225pxWord_Book_Who_Said_That_First_225px


Curious English Words and Phrases Explanations of where many curious words, phrases and expressions come from

Everyone Can Write The essential reference for producing clear, effective writing.

Every Dog Has It’s Day A collection of eccentricities and historical facts acknowledging the significance of dogs throughout history, expressed within language.

Is It True explores the truth or otherwise of facts and beliefs we may have always been told are true, but which on closer examination may not be.

Preposterous Proverbs Observations on the meaning and truth of several hundred proverbs

The Godzone Dictionary A study of, and tribute to, the dialect of New Zealand

The Lingo Dictionary Expressions, colloquialisms, jargon and slang unique to Australia

The Right Word Assistance with correct spelling of homophones, other confusing words and commonly misspelled words

Who Said That First? Identification of the originators of many expressions in English language, and

The Essential Lingo Dictionary A warts-and-all look at the notoriously hilarious (occasionally a little bit naughty) Australian slang words and phrases