Kevin Rudd Quits

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd announced his retirement from federal politics on Wednesday night (13.11.2013), adding “it really is time for me to zip“. (definition of zip: Nothing or zero. Also zippo. Also used in the phrase ‘zip, zero, nada’ which means nothing at all.)

Mr Rudd, who served in the top (definition of top: The best or excellent. Also tops, e.g. ‘The party was tops’.) job between 2007 and 2010, and then again this year, wished Tony Abbott luck.

Mr Rudd received public support during the December 2006 election, and mobbed (definition of mob: 1. A crowd of people. 2. A group of people, perhaps friends, but not necessarily large. 3. If there are mobs of something there are large numbers of it. Also a big mob.) by jostling crowds, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard combined to knock-off (definition of knock off: 1. Time to stop work. 2. To stop doing anything. 3. To steal. 4. To kill. 5. To complete something with ease and speed. 6. To have sexual intercourse. 7. To copy or fake something.) Kim Beazley.

ABC News asked readers what they thought about Mr Rudd’s decision and the legacy of his 15-year political career.

“A bonza (definition of bonza or bonzer: Something that is very pleasing. A bonza bloke is someone who can be trusted and is good to be around.) Aussie PM. Enjoy your retirement Kevie.”

“My personal belief is KR is a compassionate decent man who didn’t “fall” (maybe tall poppy syndrome?).” (definition of tall poppies: A successful person or someone with great status. The Australian penchant for bringing successful people down to size is the tall poppy syndrome.).

News Source: ABC NEWS


Definitions from ‘The Lingo Dictionary’ by John Miller.