Sort or sought?

A tricky homophone recently spotted in the text of a real estate advertisement…
Sort. A particular kind, description or variety that is distinct from something else (the Blues was a new sort of music that originated from the African–American communities of the Deep South in America; mum, I don’t really like these biscuits, can I ask for another sort that I do like?); to arrange according to size, type etc. (your next job is to sort the knives, forks and spoons and put them in their correct place in the drawer); an inadequate or less socially acceptable person (you really shouldn’t be socialising with that sort of person); colloquial, someone who can be trusted or is a fun person to be with (Kathie is a great sort, full of fun); an attractive person (she is  a good sort!); also, to convince someone that they are wrong, sometimes with violence (if you keep on repeating that lie, we will sort you out)

Sought. Past tense of ‘to seek’, to try to find or obtain (we sought a lot more information on the robbery before any action was taken; he sought the name of the girl he met at the dance); to be desired or in demand (she was much sought after as an actor)


From ‘The Right Word’ by Elizabeth Morrison.