Work like a dog

When they are not urban pets or strays, dogs often work for their living. Whatever the work is – and it could be on farms, at airports or in snow – these dogs often give a fine impression of enjoying what they do. This casts some doubt on the usual meaning of the phrase ‘work like a dog’, which somehow gives the impression of working under duress and for little reward. Doubtless this does happen sometimes, but watch a high-energy border collie skilfully rounding up a random flock of sheep, and you’re watching sheer joy on four legs.


From ‘Every dog has it’s day’ by Max Cryer.

DogsInActionAuthorDogs In Action - Working dogs and their stories, also from Exisle Publishing, unashamedly reveres and recognises dogs for achieving great feats to improve human life.

A long-time dog-owner and journalist, Maria Alomajan writes about amazing dogs, from their initial selection for work, to their training, their work experiences and their relationships with their handlers and masters through colourful, inspiring and heartwarming stories.

Maria speaks with ABC Brisbane about the unbelievable stories told in this new book about working dogs. (The audio interview last approximately ten minutes.)