Taught? taut? tort? torte?

Taught. Past tense of the verb ‘to teach’ meaning to impart knowledge or give instruction (Mr Stephens taught history at our school; I was taught how to drive a car when I was sixteen)

Taut. Tense, tightly drawn (her face was taut with worry about whether her family had survived the earthquake)

Tort. A wrongful act, not including a breach of contract, that results in injury to another’s person, property, reputation etc. and for which the injured party is entitled to compensation (writing ‘paedophile’ on the window of someone’s house is an example of a tort)

Torte. A highly decorated rich cake containing cream etc. (my grandmother would make a torte with hazelnut, chocolate and cream for special occasions)


From ‘The Right Word’ by Elizabeth Morrison.

To teach is ‘to facilitate or draw out insight by engaging attention and encouraging inquiry and questioning.’ This approach to education is discussed in the introduction of Exisle Publishing’s new book Mindful Learning, written by Dr Hassed and Dr Chambers.


With people commencing or returning to study in January, this book uses the concept of mindfulness to make a positive difference and contribution towards success in learning. The Mindful Learning website has detailed information on the contents, authors, theory and practice of mindfulness applied in an educational context, from the Mindful Learning book.

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