Is It True?


The facts behind the things we have been told

Myth busting ‘common knowledge’.
What if some of the most fundamental ‘facts’ we understood to be absolute truths turned out to be confections?

In his new book, ‘Is It True?’, Max Cryer brings his trademark wit and meticulous research skills to myth bust some of our most unshakably held ideas and cherished beliefs.

The book scampers deftly across subject areas as diverse as social history, language, music, politics, and the natural world, interrogating our collective acquired knowledge. It uncovers some surprising chasms between what we think we know and how things actually are.

Do St Bernard dogs really carry brandy?

Does Santa Claus come from the North Pole?

Did Winston Churchill coin the term ‘Iron Curtain’?

‘OK’ is an American expression, right?

Tulips come from Holland, don’t they?

Did Sarah Palin say ‘I can see Russia from my house’?

Lady Godiva rode naked through Coventry – didn’t she?

Even in digital-age, where Photoshop and electronic aliases have made us less likely to accept things at face value, Max’s myth busting makes us stop and think. As he explodes long-held assumptions and detonates details, Max reminds us in his light-hearted and engaging way that the line between fact and fiction is often blurry. Just because something is common knowledge it is not necessarily fact.

As he debunks and dissects things we have always ‘known’, Max Cryer highlights the power of individuals, the media and the grapevine to manufacture ‘reality’. Is It True? is amusing and thought provoking and a must have if you want to start a riot at the next trivia night you attend.

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The size of Is It True? is 210 x 135 mm or 8 x 5 inches.

Is It True? is a paperback with 216 pages

ISBN 978 1 921966 48 4