Curious English Words and Phrases


The English language is something of a polyglot – an entity made from many tongues. Words, images, expressions and proverbs from varied civilisations have contributed to the conurbation known as English.

Max Cryer, the author of Curious English Words and Phrases and a seasoned researcher and writer on aspects of the English language, admits to envisaging:

“the English language as being like a vast and ancient city – magnificent and full of interest, but at the same time shambolic (see blog). It has been subject to suburban sprawl, has constantly added new edifices, upgraded heritage precincts in some quarters, demolished them in others, and has complex roading systems freely negotiable only by those who have long lived in that area.”

This book explains where curious words, phrases and expressions come from, what they mean and how they are used. Colourful anecdotes are told and a few myths dispelled to reveal their origins.

Lovers of language will find Curious English Words and Phrases provides at least some of the answers to the which, the where and the why of English.Book_Image_Curious_English_Words


The size of Curious English Words and Phrases is 210 x 135 mm or 8 x 5 inches.

Curious English Words and Phrases is a paperback with 388 pages and approximately 135,000 words.

ISBN 978 1 921966 01 9