The Godzone Dictionary


By a process of capricious selection, New Zealand has developed a rich vocabulary and distinctive national dialect.

The author of The Godzone Dictionary Max Cryer, writes

‘a dialect can be defined as a form of speech particular to a district, a variety of language with a non-standard vocabulary in relation to the language family to which it belongs’

Strong language idiosyncrasies have emerged in New Zealand, and The Godzone Dictionary is a concise A – Z listing of words and terms favoured within the nation.

New Zealand is also known as ‘God’s own country’, and although the term is used by many countries, it has been uniquely contracted to ‘Godzone’ (the respelling attributed to poet Allen Curnow) combining irony with affection, New Zealand style.

Visitors to Godzone will find the lingo explained simply and accurately, with helpful definitions. Residents will find light shed on the origins of a wide range of words and phrases.

Slang words, expressions, popular names of sporting teams, and an appendix of acronyms, all commonly used within New Zealand, are in The Godzone Dictionary.

The Godzone Dictionary also includes a large number of entries from indigenous Maori languages. Many Maori words are considered an everyday part of New Zealand’s vocabulary. Some have meanings expressing aspects of life within New Zealand that can only be articulated through Maori words.

Max Cryer’s expert knowledge is applied with a lighthearted approach and humorous manner. The Godzone Dictionary is a study of, and tribute to, the dialect of New Zealand.Book_Image_Godzone_Dictionary


The size of The Godzone Dictionary is 210 x 135 x 25 mm or 8 x 5 inches.

The Godzone Dictionary is a paperback with 190 pages.

ISBN 0 908988 74 5