The Lingo Dictionary


The Lingo Dictionary authored by John Miller, is an invaluable resource for laid back linguists and wordsmiths wanting the whole shebang on the quirky, intriguing and downright bizarre words and phrases comprising Australian English.

Tried and true expressions, old and new jargon, slang and colloquialisms, all used widely in Australia, are contained within this entertaining dictionary of slang.

Contemporary Australia has an interesting and amusing way of speaking English, with accents varying from coast to coast. Australians often have a penchant for shortening words or names and then adding an ‘ie’, ‘o’ or ‘y’.

The Lingo Dictionary is a top resource for understanding the many words with meanings unique to Australia.



The size of The Lingo Dictionary is 210 x 135 mm or 8 x 5 inches.

The Lingo Dictionary is a paperback with 210 pages.

ISBN 978 1 921497 04 9