The Right Word


The Right Word results from considerable time and thought by the author, Elizabeth Morrison.

Drawing from her experience as a qualified teacher and freelance journalist, The Right Word was originally designed by the author to assist students with difficulties encountered when writing. However, wether you are a native English speaker or learning English as a second language, it is easy to become confused and make mistakes.

A computer spell checker does not identify words having the same sound, but different spelling and meanings (e.g. cite/sight/site). These words are known as ‘homophones’ (the word ‘homophone’ derives from the Greek homo meaning ‘same’ and phone meaning ‘sound’).

Using a dictionary to search for the correct spelling of homophones can be daunting as many times they appear under different letters of the English alphabet (e.g. knot/not, air/heir, cue/queue, right/write).

The homophones in The Right Word appear in alphabetical order and all have cross-references to the full entry (e.g. air/heir will appear under A with a cross-reference under H) overcoming the problem of searching in a dictionary. To further assist your understanding, in most cases, the correct usage of homophones in phrases or sentences as well as definitions is included. If a common saying appears, it will be in bold so you better understand the term in everyday language.

The first section of The Right Word examines homophones. The second section includes other words that also cause considerable confusion (e.g. elicit/illicit, childish/childlike, imply/infer, alright/all right and altogether/all together). The third section assists you further with a list of commonly misspelled words. Many people have difficulty with the correct spelling and usage of words such as principal/principle, stationary/stationery and their/there/they’re.

You will find this guide an essential reference in your home, study or office. The Right Word will be of great benefit in helping you avoid mistakes and master the subtleties of written English language



The size of The Right Word is 198 x 126 mm or 7¾ x 5 inches.

The Right Word is a paperback with 256 pages and approximately 55,000 words.

ISBN 978 1 921966 04 0